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Although we are NOT on a real train, all the plays have a train setting, within a background of Kansas City history. Performances are held in some of your favorite area restaurants. The Mystery Train players will also perform for private parties and special engagements. Ask about group rates.















What the press has to say. . .

Broadway World Reviewed "Our Brother's Caper"
Event Insider Reviewed "The ARt of Murder" 


Eyewitness Accounts!"I love how you let the audience get involved in the mystery."- Joshua, Weston, MO
" Awesome Job, Freaking Amazing"  - Scott E., Wilton, IA.
"Great fun! great Acting! Thanks for enteraining us!" - Conner, Kansas City, MO.
"Loved it Thanks for letting me be involved! Can't wait to do it again! Y'all Rock!! - Melanie, manhattan, KS.

threesome with guns snatsfresh

"Santa? or Mrs. C getting fresh with my man?!?! ... Quite the conundrum indeed ..."---Jarrod Guth and Beth Lenherr (with Erik J Pratt, center)
"So fun to play Miss Petunia"- Susan KC KS
"First timer tonight, really enjoyed all of it and being one of the actors-Hester"- Christy, Bluesprings, MO.
“Great play, ACTORS WERE THE BEST” “It was a lot of fun.” - Kevin Jones Liberty, Mo
clowns"Just wanted to tell you that we LOVED,LOVED, LOVED the show and dinner!!!!!! AND to top it off I win the Master Gumshoe and received my Master Gumshoe magnifying glass with the awesome bag to carry it in and my picture taken with the characters!!! The whole experience was so exciting I just loved it!! Thank You!!"- Rhiannon


Tips on Playing the Game:

Bribe with the Bucks. Be careful with your quest. Don't push your luck. This is no jest. The greatest task is in HOW you ask!

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