dinning car
Although we are NOT on a real train, all the plays have a train setting, within a background of Kansas City history. Performances are held in some of your favorite area restaurants.

As we end 2016 and close our Twelfth Season of Shows on The Mystery Train, I would like to take some time to express appreciation for all who brought us here—

Over the past twelve years, we have produced 57 different mysteries, with almost 1200 performances.  We have told stories about the Union Station Massacre, the kidnapping of Nelly Don, the origins of barbeque in KC, the Mafia wars of the 1970s, stuffing ballot boxes in the 1920s, the I-70 World Series, the Whistle Stop campaign of Harry Truman, the first train race into a new Union Station, the first female lawyer in KC, the Orphan Trains, the train robberies made famous by the James gang, the Harvey Girls, the Sugarloaf Syndicate, William Rockhill Nelson who brought squirrels into the parks of KC, the American Royal, the cartoons who came to audition for Walt Disney, the women who carried on during Christmas blizzards and gangster shoot-outs, the dustbowl and the hobos of the 30s, a famous artist and his legacy, a toy train under the Mayor’s Christmas Tree, the Fairy Princess tradition, the beginnings of our hometown railroad company, the troop trains of WWII, the Jazz era in KC, circus trains, hillbilly trains, steampunk trains, time-traveling trains, Hallmark ornament collectors, 1940s radio shows, and even a visit from the Beatles.  
Phew!  That’s a lot of history!  It’s been a blast and I hope you’ve had as much fun playing with us as we’ve had playing for you.  Thank you for the laughs.  Thank you for the applause.  Thank you for playing my silly game.

Wendy Thompson,
Producer and Creator of The Mystery Train


Claudette is beautiful and everyone adores her ... except for those jealous few.